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Alle events are cancelled for now because of COVID-19.


09/04: Dreaming the dark (on radio Panik)

24/04: Slam-T x Queer Space

These will happen in a digital way.


Next events:

17/03: Gevangenis Dendermonde (Dendermonde, BE)

21/03: Vernissage Political Body (Brussels, BE)

24/03: Lecture queerness and safer spaces (UNDIVIDED Leuven, BE)

26/03: Slam-T x Blond (Blond Ghent, BE)

27/03: Panel Harassment in nightlife (Café Des Halles Brussels, BE)


Past events:

08/03/2020: Mars voor vrouwenrechten (Cityhall Ghent, BE)

27/02/2020: Slam-T X Casa Rosa (Casa Rosa Ghent, BE)

14/02/2020: Workshops Safer Spaces MUDA (MUDA Evergem, BE)

13/02/2020: Vorming Safer Spaces and Gender Belmundo (Ghent, BE)

30/1/2020: PinX festival (Sphinx Ghent, BE)

30/1/2020: Lunchlezing (Library Dendermonde, BE)


08/12/2019: Slam The Patriarchy (Blond Ghent, BE)

07/12/2019: WIJ, NU theater (GGB Clubhouse Ghent, BE)

28/11/2019: Formaat open jeugdwerk (Leuven, BE)

24/11/2019: Punk en Proza (Kinky Star Ghent, BE)

23/11/2019: Dendermondiaal #allemaalonderweg (Bakermat Dendermonde, BE)

09/11/2019: TET-talk safe(r) spaces (Girls Go Boom Ghent, BE)

09/11/2019: Petrol (OPEK Leuven, BE)

02/11/2019: K met de Waas van Kinky (Kinky Star and Waas Ghent, BE)

/24/10/2019: Slam-T (Blond Ghent, BE)

24/10/2019: Workshop Art Tribe (Het Bos Antwerp BE)

13/10/2019: Genderlicous (Casa Rosa Ghent, BE)

10/10/2019: Stand Up Against Racism (Stelplaats Leuven, BE)

26/09/2019: Slam-T X Blond (Blond Ghent, BE)

25/09/2019: Workshop VIVES (VIVES Kortrijk, BE)

10/08/2019: Queerkoorts (Minus One Ghent, BE)

07/08/2019: Mama’s Open Mic (Zomerfabriek Antwerp, BE)

27/07/2019: Silent Poetry (Poëziecentrum Ghent, BE)

23/07/2019: Silent Poetry (Poëziecentrum Ghent, BE)

21/07/2019: Blond DAG 3 // Slam-T // Urban Witch (Blond Ghent, BE)

21/07/2019: Silent Poetry (Poëziecentrum Ghent, BE)

06/07/2019: Cut to Gent (Minard Ghent, BE)

30/06/2019: La Grande Boum (Studio Skoop Ghent, BE)

31/05/2019: Mensen Zeggen Dingen (SMAK Ghent, BE)

24/05/2019: Queer Space x Slam-T (Plek Ghent, BE)

17/05/2019: IDAHOT (Antwerp, BE)

11/05/2019: Queer Pride Gent (Ghent, BE)

20/04/2019: K[no]whate Rainbowhouse (Brussels, BE)

09/04/2019: Waar Zine De Vrouwen (Ghent, BE)

26/03/2019: Slam-T x Blond (Ghent, BE)

22/03/2019: Dendermonde Spreekt! (Dendermonde, BE)

14/03/2019: Slam around the world! (Ghent, BE)

05/03/2019: Queer Pride Launch Crowdfunding (Ghent, BE)

28/02/2019: Slam-T(hird) (Ghent, BE)

27/02/2019: Kottekst (Ghent, BE)

01/02/2019: Nieuwjaarsreceptie Casa Rosa (Ghent, BE)


27/12/2018: Slam-T Christmas Edition (Ghent, BE)

12/12/2018: Kottekst (Ghent, BE)

29/11/2018: Slam-T First Edition (Ghent, BE)

03/10/2018: Auw La (Ghent, BE)

13-21/07/2018: Poëzieterras tijdens de Gentse Feesten (Ghent, BE)