Slam Poet and Safe(r) Spacer

About Me



Tilke Wouters is an activist slam poet, talking about all the themes society is not ready to hear. On stage, she speaks about liberation and validation of the people who are still asked to stay quiet in a society full of privileges and discrimination. 

Besides that Tilke is the founder of Safe(r) Space Manifesto. This manifest strives to make every place as inclusive and safe as possible for everyone. We hereby pay extra attention to the queer community and therefore all disadvantaged groups and individuals. By signing the manifest organizations declare to implement everything described in it and declare they will take action when the safe(r) space gets violated.

Tilke is also co-founder of Slam-T, a spoken word organization in Ghent, where the love for slam poetry, queerness and safe(r) spaces found an ideal combination. 

Since beginning 2020, Tilks is also co-owner of the queer bar Blond in Ghent. 

Next to all of this, Tilke is also a freelance journalist and does lectures and workshops on all the previous mentioned themes. 


If you are interested in talking or book me about any of these themes you can always contact me.