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About Me

TILKE WOUTERS is unapologetically queer and injected this in every part of their life. They are not great with authority. So they work for themself, the people they love and the communities who deserve it.

As a slam poet, they spit fury about this broken society on stage and talks about mental health while living in the shadows. They want to put the spotlight back on us.

They are a journalist and write about queer topics to open some eyes and minds. Through lectures and workshops, they try to make people aware of their privileges.

 In 2018 they started a queer poetry organisation, called Slam-T, with a friend and make room for vulnerability, rage, love and all the emotions queers are often not allowed to feel or show.  

Besides this, they are the founder of the Safer Space Manifesto,  an organisation that focuses on creating safer spaces for minorities.

In 2019 they gave birth to Kink E Klit, an alter ego that challenges society’s view on dominant and sexually explicity. In a world that still censors nipples, they reclaim their nudity and are no longer afraid to show it.

All of this found a physical home beginning 2020, when they became co-owner of a queer bar called Blond in Ghent.




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